You are only as wonderfully fantastic as you believe yourself to be.

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Well, I just published my first book, ERA! Yay! If you would like to order a paperback book from me (which will come signed) please place your order below.

Elaine Avelle and Emmett Riley live in a perfect kingdom. But when the shadows invade and demolish their home, they’re forced to embark on a journey. As they travel the path of the Divided Forest, Elaine and Emmett endure life-threatening storms and make life-changing discoveries. For the sake of their hearts, their kingdom, and their world, a new Era must begin.

ERA is the first in a series of five, as well as the first novel I’ve ever written.

5% of all profits made from this website will be donated to The Global White Lion Protection Trust.

ERA is also available in ebook form and paperback at some online retailers.

Time will be yours when you believe it is.

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I began writing ERA when I was 14 years of age. It has now been through three editions, each one an improvement of the one prior. The entire process has been a learning experience and I am eager to continue and grow as a writer. The sequel, ERA of Illumination, will be available 2015.